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In a pandemic-struck world, digital maturity and artificial intelligence is critical. It helps optimize costs, boost customer satisfaction, and improve self service. Learn how organizations can protect themselves and their customers most cost-effectively in this VB Live event!

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At the end of 2019, customer experience emerged as the most powerful competitive differentiator, meaning more to buyers than either cost and convenience. Customers continue to expect click-of-a-button convenience, which is why current technology, like AI-powered self-service and bots, have become the most cost-effective way to ramp up your customer service. These kinds of initiatives have even shown to boost revenue, with 84% of companies reporting growth when they improve service.

Now, the pandemic has moved so much more of our lives online, from shopping to meetings to education. And that makes delivering powerful, frustration-free online experiences more important than ever. AI-powered customer engagement platforms can deliver satisfaction over all points in a customer journey, and investing up front has become dramatically less expensive as well.

The easy-to-implement technology offers capabilities like round-the-clock accessibility and user-friendly decision-support systems on the customer side, and sophisticated chat conversations and tools that enable both AI-powered bots and help live customer service agents deliver satisfaction more seamlessly than ever.

Here are some of the most important ways technology is improving customer service, and how to meet increasing customer expectations.

Meet customers where they are

Self-service is the most important trend of all. More and more customers are expecting companies to come to them. They don’t want to have to pick up a phone and call a customer service agent, and deal with being kept on hold. They want to be able to log on to the messaging programs, social channels, and apps they already use and find companies there waiting for them, 24/7.

And at every place you engage them, they want that experience to be fast, efficient, and self-directed. This means that single-purpose bots are no longer effective; companies can deliver the kind of service customers expect by implementing connected backend systems that use data from all of a customer’s channels to understand their changing wants and needs, keep track of customer experiences and conversations, and be able to respond within that informed context, whether that’s an AI-powered agent or a live customer service expert.

Power up self-service with AI

We’ll never be able to replace human customer service agents — and we should never lose that human touch. But with customers less willing to wait for help, or needing help at every moment of the day, it’s fortunate that not every online customer support case requires human interaction. Technology like knowledge bases and chatbots, powered by AI and natural language processing, is great for answering basic, repetitive questions about returns or hours, handling password resets, and more.

AI-driven data is improving that content daily, too. Metrics around what questions are asked most often, how customers respond to the answers they get, and the steps they take to fulfill their needs can then be used to optimize and improve answers, update and optimize content flow, and more, helping ensure that self-service becomes more and more useful and offers greater satisfaction with each new data point.

Natural language AI also helps companies develop tailored, customized, targeted content for each user, so that you can understand and respond to every customer in the most useful and seamless way for each question, however that question is asked.

AI for happier employees

How your employees respond to your customers and how easily and well they can handle their needs and issues is still a major factor in customer satisfaction. It’s more important than ever to invest in the happiness of your employees, too. Happier employees who are satisfied with their jobs and the tools they have make for happier customers — particularly when employees are also dealing with the pandemic in their personal lives.

When customers have self-serve options, like bots and AI-powered FAQs to help them 24/7 with basic questions and needs, customer service agents are given the more interesting, thought-provoking problems to work on. Employee-facing AI equips your live customer service staff with more information, helps them answer more complex questions more easily, and helps make them more empathetic and effective when they have a customer’s entire experience available to use as context for their problems and issues.

All this is especially important in a world where stress is rising, and customer satisfaction is more important to achieve and harder than ever to ensure. As the cost of implementing these kinds of solutions drops, the ease of implementation grows and the importance of AI-powered customer service rises, making now the time to invest.

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