Vivaldi 3.6 Brings Unique Two-Level Tab Stacking for Easy Management


Vivaldi browser’s latest update brings a new tab management system that enables two levels of tab bars on the desktop Web browser. This new feature, called Two-Level Tab Stacks, allows for a second level in the tab bar for managing tab groups. Two-Level Tab Stacks feature has been introduced with Vivaldi 3.6 and it is an addition to the already available Compact Stack option. With this, Vivaldi becomes the first browser to introduce a second level in the tab bar for managing tab groups.

On its blog, Vivaldi announced the new Two-Level Tab Stacks feature that gets activated after you download the latest version 3.6. This feature allows users to expand their tab stacks in a new line, below the main tab bar. This can be done by simply just clicking on a stack. The new line allows for having full-size tabs to enable access like any other tab, and using the same methods to open, close, activate, move, or select tabs within a stack. This is unlike the compact tab-stacking method that minimises the real estate taken by these tabs in the browser.

Vivaldi says that the feature is enabled by default and switching between Compact Stack and Two-Level Tab Stacks can be done by going to Vivaldi Settings > Tabs > Stacked Tabs. Two-level tab stacking is particularly useful for users who like to display their stacked tabs in full size. It works irrespective of the tabs’ position – on the top, bottom, or to the side.

“The new second level makes reorganising stacks or creating new tabs within a stack a breeze. For example, the ‘+’ button on the new line helps easily create tabs within the stack. The feature offers all the other benefits of normal-sized tabs, like easier-to-read page titles, tab notifications, and (if enabled) tab thumbnails. In addition, Two-Level Tab Stacks can be locked, which avoids changing the page view height when switching between tabs, and makes it simpler to create new stacks from any single tab,” Vivaldi explains.

For those who wish to try Two-Level Tab Stacks will have to update to Vivaldi 3.6 from the company site.

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