Zoom Escaper Can Help You Drop Out of a Meeting With Sound Effects of Bad Connection, Crying Baby, More


Zoom Escaper offers fun ways of escaping a meeting on the platform by playing sound effects of choppy connection, baby crying, and more. Created by artist Sam Lavigne, the Web widget lets you choose from a wide variety of sound effects (read: excuses) that will help you escape a meeting without raising suspicion among other attendees at the meeting. The sound effects are designed to make others on the call believe you may have actual network issues or have a crying baby to tend to.

Zoom Escaper gives you legitimate excuses (sort of) to escape the Zoom calls. The Web extension was first spotted by The Verge. “Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and other video conferencing scenarios,” Lavigne’s website describes. “It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others.”

There are sounds effects like Echo, Bad Connection, Upset Baby, Man Weeping, Wind, Dogs, Construction, and Urination to choose from while planning your escape from online office meetings. However, you will need the help of the VB-Audio audio-routing software. VB-Audio will help you shift your audio on Zoom from the computer to the Web extension. The creator has provided the tutorial video below on how to set up the extension on your computer.

Lavigne also created another Web extension – Zoom Deleter – that automatically detects the appl on your computer and deletes it. Lavigne explains on his website, “It continually checks for the presence of Zoom on your computer, and if found, immediately deletes it.”

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